Wildfire near Myrtle Beach continues to burn (updated)

Image by 20090423-fire.jpg Myrtle Beach proper is likely protected as the Intracoastal Waterway divides the area.

Update April 23, early afternoon: A state of emergency has been declared, check out our latest coverage.

Map at the bottom.

Update April 23, morning: The fire continued through the night destroying more homes and causing more to be evacuated.

As for smoke, little is expected to approach Charleston. But if you're traveling in or near Myrtle Beach, the National Weather Service has some smoke advice: 

Highways most affected by the smoke and ash are Highway 22 south of state road 90...and Highway 31 either side of Highway 22. Evacuations in these areas has already begun and portions of these routes remain closed.

The majority of smoke through the course of the day will spread east and aloft over the coastal waters offshore of Brunswick County and eventually south and east of Cape Fear.

The Sun News has also added a few more photos to their gallery and an updated write-up, and WMBF News has some interesting video reporting.

We'll keep you updated, but to stay in touch with the absolute latest, you can listen to the Myrtle Beach fire and rescue radio chatter here, and watch the Twitter chatter.

Update, April 22 at midnight: The fire is still going strong as winds continue to work against firefighters.

The Sun News has added a pretty interesting video of the fire in action, an excellent photo gallery, and has a story with the latest.

Meanwhile three smaller fires rekindled near Gerogetown.

First reporting:

One home has been destroyed and dozens evacuated as a brush fire grows near Myrtle Beach.

So far the fire has burned about 125 acres and is about 25% contained, but wind gusts are fanning the flames.

The Sun News is leading the reporting on the incident; go read it.