S.C. Ports Authority leader may be close to getting the boot

I think we've all known for sometime that South Carolina's lawmakers would take some punitive and corrective action against the State Ports Authority after its numbers started sinking and its biggest customer decided to call it quits.

Read more stories on this subject in our port topic page.And today it looks like we may know where the ax will fall: State Ports Authority President and Executive Director Bernard Groseclose.

Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. Bernard S. Groseclose, Jr. FITSNews reports:
According to a key legislative aide who spoke with FITS yesterday on condition of anonymity, Groseclose’s status was discussed at length by several top lawmakers this week while S.C. General Assembly reconvened in Columbia, with the embattled executive receiving what was termed as a “unanimous vote of no confidence.”

Hop over to FITS for the whole story.

More and more I can't help but feel the lack of public-private partnerships has really bitten us in our rear -- and the blame falls as much on the port as our state for blocking private involvement, private agencies have wanted to be involved for years.