South Carolina's Episcopal churches officially distances self from national church

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After years of debate the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina approved a series of measures that will distance itself from the national body and give comfort to other dioceses wishing to do the same.

Read more stories on this subject in our Episcopal topic page.The vote came at a meeting in Mount Pleasant on Saturday, October 24.

If you're not the religious sort, know that the vote means you'll be hearing more about South Carolina's stance on the importance of scripture -- and that stance will often be boiled down to how the schism first erupted into the public eye when the national Episcopal church approved a gay bishop.

If you are the religious sort, check out Adam Parker's piece at The Post and Courier for some depth and understanding.

For even more further reading on the matter, Rev. Kendall Harmon's blog is a popular choice.

Oh, and do note that the Episcopal Diocese of South Carolina represents only the lower half of the state.