Record numbers of voters head to S.C. polls

Update November 5: Well, thanks to some erroneous data on the state election site, I may have stuck my foot in my mouth. It's looks like we are passing 2004's number of voters, but will not pass 1992's percent turnout of 80%.

Read more stories on this subject in our 2008 election topic page.We did, indeed, have more voters than 2004's 1,631,148. We're at 1,810,371 and counting. That turnout is 70.89% and climbing -- 2004 was 70.45%.

In Charleston County, it's much the same: In 2004 137,903 votes were cast (184,569 registered), in 2008 141,436 votes were cast (207,577 registered) with 97% reporting.

Here's the more accurate data set.

Original post: There was some hope that S.C. would break the record 85% turnout set in 2004, but that’s looking less likely. With most counties reporting, we’re at 71% turnout. That being said, it looks like we’ll at least match the number of voters in 2004: 1,899,000. We’re currently at 1,810,371.