Sanford chats with Politico, explains why he's still anti-stimulus

If you haven't been dead lately you know that our governor, Mark Sanford, is very opposed to Obama's stimulus package, going so far as to saying he'll flat-out reject taking many dollars.

Read more stories on this subject in our stimulus package topic page.Well a lot of people (including other GOP govs) are calling Sanford a bit crazy for his position.

But, in a chat with Politico, Sanford says his position is totally sane, in part: "If we go too far in just spending too much money and borrowing money, we could put ourselves in the exact position Argentina found itself in the 1920s when they had, you know, cratering of their currency."

But, go check out the whole at Politico for the scoop.

I understand his logic, but I still say he's selling our state short if he doesn't take the money.

It's also worth pointing out that Sanford has agreed to take some stimulus money to increase jobless benefits by $25.

Oh, and Sanford used my favorite expression 13 times. So for that he gets a big thumbs up from me. -- The expression? You know.