Parking fee proposed for bridge walkers

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Update January 5: There was hope that bridge walkers would be able to use the parking at the Omar Shrine Temple after the town stops allowing parking on the shoulder of Patriots Point Boulevard, but those talks have fallen apart.

That increases the likelihood of folks having to pay to park at the town's new park.

Go get the latest at ABC News 4.

First reporting: Mount Pleasant could soon be charging for the parking space at the base of the Arthur Ravenel Jr. Bridge. The idea goes something like this: The town needs more money, and it has a fancy new park being built near the bridge, so why not charge people for parking at said park?

The proposed price is a $1 per hour (or a $20 annual pass).

A decision on the matter was delayed by town council, but will likely come back up.

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Update October 9: A hold on new fees in the town has been proposed.