Analyzing the election in South Carolina

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A couple of good analysis pieces out there what the 2008 election might mean for the future of the Democrats in South Carolina.

The State delved into the race and noted that though McCain won, his margin was much narrower than in years past, but also notes how Obama's fund raising likely won't help S.C. Dems raise money in future years. And will the youth respond to non-Obama candidates in the same way?

Though they don't draw this point, I will: If the Democrats can latch onto the attributes that Obama had (and tactics used), the success won't be repeatable in 2010 (the next big Senate election).

Go read The State's piece.

And The Post and Courier did a bit more of a standard postmortem, looking at how the different regions of the Charleston metro area voted.

Go read The Post and Courier's piece.