Former North Charleston Mayor Bobby Kinard shoots, kills self (updated)

Update June 20: The Post and Courier has followed with a nice bit of background; details here.

Update June 19: As expected multiple follows abound on the news.

ABC News 4 has a nice video breaking down the news side of the events that night; watch it here.

The Post and Courier still has the best depth of info out there on the background of the situation that lead to the night's chaos and they also offer some limited bio information on Kinard; read that here. They also have a nice locator map.

NBC News 2 also has a video with a couple of reactions from two on city council and some basic background; watch it here.

First reporting: During a traffic stop.


At this point I'll recommend The Post and Courier write-up.

The paper has some bio info, you can also learn a bit more about him over at his bio page on the Kinard & Kinard Law Firm's site.

The local TV stations also have reports, but most of those have not been updated from last night when the victim was still unidentified by police. The Post and Courier seems to be the first outlet reporting that that it was Kinard.

Approximate location of the shooting