Hallman: I've got Alzheimer's

Mount Pleasant Mayor Harry Hallman announced Tuesday night at a Town Council meeting that he's suffering from the early stages of Alzheimer's disease. The Post and Courier reports:

"My doctors tell me that I am beginning to experience symptoms associated with the early stages of Alzheimer's," Hallman said in a pre-recorded speech.

"Most of you know someone who has struggled with this terrible disease, either as a victim or as a family member of a victim," Hallman said. "I am a very private man who chooses to suffer tragedies within the comfort of my family and closest friends. But, as your mayor, I feel that I have an obligation to let you know what my condition is. I can only ask for your understanding as I adjust to the consequences that will surely progress over time.

"I do not know, and my doctors do not know, how long I can continue to perform my duties as your mayor. But I will trust my family and close friends to tell me when it is time to step aside and say good-bye."

You can also watch the video of the announcement from Charleston.net.