It's your last day to register to vote

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War, social security, energy, pollution, global warming, Wall Street bailouts, abortion, gay marriage, tax cuts, diplomacy ... those are just a few of the major decisions that will likely be decided by who wins an election just four weeks away. And if you want to vote, you have to make sure you're registered, and that your registration is valid.

And you have to do it by today, Saturday, October 4, before closing time (it varies by office so get there early).

Here's what to do: If you are registered, check your registration on the state Web site. If you're not registered (or the system says you're not, or you need to update it) hustle down to your county's voter registration office. And I do mean hustle, I'm betting it's going to be busy.

Here's where to go:
Charleston: 4367 Headquarters Road, North Charleston, (843) 744-8683
Berkeley: 6 Belt Drive, Moncks Corner, (843) 719-4056
Dorchester: 500 North Main Street, Summerville or 201 Johnston Street, St. George, (843) 563-0132 or (843) 832-0132 (only open from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m.)

Sorry, most DMVs are closed on Saturday's, so you're stuck with the voter registration offices.

And make sure to check the requirements before you go. Don't wait in line and get turned down because you can't prove you live where you live.

Of course, you could just watch TV, and be told what to do for the next four years by some guy that might not have been elected if you had voted.

And don't forget about the myriad of local and state elections coming, and possible changes to the state constitution.