S.C. committee: Big changes needed to improve higher education

Update November 22: The group recently swung through Charleston to chat about their plan, and The Post and Courier did a write-up. This line struck me:
Bobby Marlowe said if supporters of higher education want to get more money ... they are going to have to convince the Legislature that higher education is an investment in the state's future.

Kind of shocking that we need to convince our state's leaders that better-educated people tend to produce more and better end products. But if the Legislature already knew that they wouldn't be hacking away at the higher education's budget.

Original post: Big changes are suggested as needed steps to reform higher education in the Palmetto State. And, for the most part, educators say the suggestions are on-target.

The S.C. Commission on Higher Education's 61-page draft report offers goals structured around four points:
Making South Carolina One of the Most Educated States 
Increasing Research and Innovation in South Carolina 
Increasing Workforce Training and Educational Services for South Carolina 
Realizing South Carolina’s Potential:  Resources and Effectiveness 

Head over to The State for the reaction to the report, or the Commission's site to dive into the draft plan.