S.C. Senator Robert Ford announces bid for governor

First reporting: The Post and Courier has a story about Ford's bid for governor. It doesn't add much new information, but does a good job rounding out what is known.

Missing from that piece is how Ford has introduced a bill to penalize those who curse. I'm doing a write-up for that now. Here's that article.

First reporting: Robert Ford, a state senator from Charleston, has announced his bid for the governorship of South Carolina.

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I'll just say I'm shocked. This is the guy who's already been lampooned three times in the last six months:

Once for parking in fire lanes.
Again for criticizing the U.S. Rep. from Charleston, Jim Clyburn, for not supporting Obama. Ford supported Clinton.
And, most shockingly of all, Ford has been pushing to bring back video poker. To me, that's more than reason enough to not vote for him.

And, yes, he is going to push for video poker. From his announcement:
As governor, I pledge that I will return video poker to South Carolina as a new source of revenue. My base of support comes from a new statewide coalition of people who stand to gain the most from video poker revenue.


If you don't know why video poker is a horrible idea, I chatted about why it's a bad idea before.

The election for S.C. Governor is in 2010.