S.C. Voter ID law approved by federal court

Image by TheDigitel

Although the three-judge panel said South Carolina's contentious voter ID law would have to wait until 2013 to go into effect, it cleared the law, writing, "pre-clearance for South Carolina to implement Act R54 for future elections beginning with any elections in 2013."

The court said that the South Carolina law had enough flexibility to allow residents without approved photo IDs to vote.

You can read more coverage of the trial over here, or read the ruling at the bottom of this report.

The law could still face a challenge in the U.S. Supreme Court, but for now the most important news for voters is that things will stay as usual for the presidential election this November.

In a message on Facebook, Gov. Nikki Haley celebrated the news and other conservative lawsuit wins, writing: "South Carolina just won the Voter ID case! Lawsuit by unions....WON! lawsuit by NLRB against Boeing..... WON! Protecting the integrity of the voting process by showing picture ID....WON! The Feds keep throwing punches but in South Carolina heels and boxing gloves prevail!"