Gas price dips below $2.50

Image by Flickr user dougwwImage by 20081025cheapgas.jpg Well, maybe not that cheap.

Gas prices are now what they were a year ago, and in Charleston the cheapest place to find gas is at Costco in West Ashley. Friday, October 24, Costco gas was priced at $2.46.

Gas prices have dippedGas had dipped to $2.49 at the Bees Ferry Wal-Mart.Drivers in America were distraught to find that gas was pushing the $4.00 mark nearly 3 months ago. I heard predictions that by December 2008 gas would be $8.00 a gallon, and that appears to no longer be a threat.

But it's good news for all the wrong reasons: The price of oil has been falling on fears of a worldwide recession.

Either way, driving is once again almost an affordable activity, so head out and get your pump of this cheaper liquid gold while you can.

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