PACT: Lowcountry schools didn't keep pace with state

In the type of analysis I really wish they'd do more often, The Post and Courier has boiled down the state's PACT data and found that Lowcountry schools generally failed to keep up with the state's average improvement.

In some cases that meant schools were behind and failed to catch up, and in others that meant schools were already doing better than the state but failed to improve upon their already good performance.

The Post and Courier says a failure to post large gains on already good scores was the case in Dorchester 2:
Dorchester 2 students fared the worst of the local school districts in comparison with last year. Its percentage of students meeting state standards fell in 14 of 24 areas, but the district still has higher scores than the state average and every other local district in every subject and in every grade.

They also note that while Charleston, Berkeley and Dorchester 4 were a bit of a mixed bag, Charleston had very high numbers of students attaining the test's highest levels "proficient and advanced."

Hop over to The Post and Courier for analysis on test results, or hit our story from yesterday for info on the state's overall performance.

The paper also has a splendid graphical analysis of scores.

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