Ravenel allegedly threatens McGinley's job

Reports are coming out of a recent confrontation between Charleston County School Board member Arthur Ravenel Jr. and schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley, in which Ravenel allegedly called McGinley a "bitch" and threatened her job. The Post and Courier has more on the story:

Ravenel and two other board members present during the alleged incident say nothing like that happened.

However, a majority of the board confirmed for The Post and Courier that Schools Superintendent Nancy McGinley told them that Ravenel was in the district office when he told a district employee that he had gotten rid of one "bitch" and would get rid of another, referring to former schools Superintendent Maria Goodloe-Johnson and McGinley.

Board Chairman Hillery Douglas and board members Toya Green, Ruth Jordan, Gregg Meyers and Brian Moody said at least one other employee overheard the remark and that Ravenel later threatened the superintendent's job in a face-to-face confrontation with her.

Ravenel's side of the story, as reported in The Post and Courier, is that he went to the district office to see if the Charter School for Math & Science's plan to use the former Rivers Middle School site was on the agenda. It wasn't on the upcoming agenda, and he said he got frustrated.

Update: A Post and Courier report Saturday says that Ravenel has acknowledged using the word "bitch," but said he did not use it any particular context and that he apologized. Ravenel maintains that he did not threaten McGinley's job, however.

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