S.C. likely to cut another 2% from budget

Image by Flickr user Joshua DavisImage by 20081120-pennies.jpg Not the change you're looking for.

In a letter, the South Carolina's budget overseer warned that another 2% -- about $135 million -- will likely need to be trimmed from the state's budget after revenue expectations continued to decline.

Read more stories on this subject in our state budget topic page.And unless the Legislature holds another special session -- which is probable -- the cuts would be across the board to every state agency. Earlier this year the Legislature reconvened when $488 million needed to be trimmed.

The State's your best bet for more information at the moment.

In the last round of cuts, the Legislature focused on getting cash from the state's higher education system and prison system, among others. It's been a near-crippling blow, hopefully they'll be spared the brunt of the next round of cuts.

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