Rumor is: Obama's in Charleston

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We just got a tip that president-elect Barack Obama is in Charleston. But with there not being any publicizing of a visit, it's likely that there are no public appearances planned. This would likely be a quick in-and-out trip.

Still, that doesn't mean you won't catch sight of him walking about or a glimmering limo.

If you want to know where to look, you've got to think about possible reasons for a visit:

Obama has promised to close down the Guantanamo Bay prison. To do so, he'll have to find a new place the hundreds of prisoners. And Charleston's Navy brig has been floated as a possible location. So, it's plausible Obama could be in town inspecting the option of Charleston's brig and the growing political opposition. There's also been growing talk about how he will handle the situation. Obama could be making sure he's got all his info before he decides.
There's also the matter of Ali al-Marri who has been held at the brig for nearly six years. But it seems unlikely Obama would tend to such an individual matter so early.
And it seems unlikely he's here to interview anyone for a position in his administration, as he could likely get most things to come to him.
Wife Michelle Obama has family in Georgetown, S.C., so it's also possible they could just be in town to enjoy the weekend.
Or, maybe, he's just coming to see those porches he loves so much.

The rumor is totally unsubstantiated, but that doesn't mean it's not true. So, keep those cameras on you and let us know if you hear anything.

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