More 'gators bagged than expected

Image by Flickr user ashe-villain Image by 20090223-gator.jpg Plotting their revenge? Maybe.

Subhead: Midlanders bag 'em bigger and more often.

While early reports indicated that only 19% of the 1,000 permitted alligator kills would be used by hunters, final numbers showed 36.2% were -- that's 362 bagged 'gators.

Interestingly enough the area around Columbia had the most active hunters who bagged the largest gators. Their 87 kills had an average length of 10 feet.

You can get oodles more info in DNR's full report.

Bummed out that you didn't get one this year? Well the 2009 season is September 12 to October 10, but you'll need to apply for the permits that are issued lottery-style. It's $10 to apply and $100 if you're accepted. But you can only apply from May 1 through June 15. Here's all the details.