Mark Sanford makes his Argentinean affair official

Maria Belen Chapur.

Mark Sanford's affair with Maria Belen Chapur that began "innocently" nearly a decade back seems to be at an end — on Wednesday Sanford reportedly proposed to Chapur. 

The Argentinian newspaper Clarin writes that (translated):

Sanford and Chapur became engaged last Wednesday, at noon, in the Palermo restaurant Bella Italia Grill. The place is a favorite of the former journalist and executive of Bunge and Born. He arrived early and put together a scene from novel gave him a bag with the ring to one of the waiters asked to invent a good story for his girlfriend and barricaded himself in the bathroom for the disabled to wait for over an hour.

When it came Chapur, the waiter came and announced that he had won "a prize" for being the client 100 that day. She opened the bag and found the ring. She was taken aback. Only then appeared Sanford and clarified its statement of love.

What followed was a long moment of kisses, tears and emotions. There were heartfelt words and promises of eternity.

You can read the full article here in Spanish (or here translated).

After all the drama and chaos of the "soul mate Appalachian trail gate" incident, what else is left to say, other than good for them.