Re/Max goes after Rehava for its logo

Image by 20090307-rehava.jpg Let me know if you need clarification on which logo is which.

Update March 12: Re/Max has dropped their legal challenge.

First reporting: Re/Max is formally challenging Rehava's application for a trademark on its logo. As stupefying as it may be, Re/Max says the logos are too similar.

Read more stories on this subject in our Rehava topic page.I'd try to explain Re/Max's position, but, well, I just don't want to think that hard. You can read about their argument over at The Post and Courier.

I think it's a real uphill battle to argue that there's a genuine chance customers will be confused by the two logos. One thing that is more certain is that this will cause Re/Max some short-term image harm (check out these comments, these, and definitely this one.)

Rehava, for their part, says Re/Max's challenge is just a tactic to burry the small controversial company in legal fees. But, it's worth noting that Re/Max's complaint was registered in November 2008.

In fact, Re/Max has a record of challenging what seems to be almost anything that is vaguely similar; including a computer software company with the logo "LEAD MAX" set in Times-like font.

It's certainly been a rough few weeks for the folks at Rehava.