Latest designs to extend I-526 to James Island emerge

Image by 20081115-i526.jpg

No less than 17 possible routes are proposed to extend I-526 from West Ashley to James Island.

And, as is expected, people are all ruffled about it: Where's it going to go? It will be bad for growth. It will be good for growth ... and so on.

Still, the project that could cost $420 million is far from a sure thing for Johns Island, the S.C. Department of Transportation may build the road around Johns Island, or has said it may just examine possibilities for not expanding the interstate and improving capacity through regular roads.

If you've heard enough: You can make yourself heard at one of two upcoming meetings, file a comment with the S.C. DOT, or you can file an opposing remark here.

If you haven't heard enough: You can learn loads more about the project by reading The Post and Courier's story, hopping over to the project page, and get some opposition to the idea at "A New Way to Work". And don't forget about the two meetings next week.

The S.C. DOT is scheduled to determine a "preferred option" by mid-2009.