Tasting the delights at the Culinary Village

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by fnw.jpg

I know, we've been prattling on about the Food + Wine Festival all day, but it will be over soon. I promise.

But we just had to go down and check out the Culinary Village for ourselves. It's hard job, but somebody had to do it. Indeed, which intrepid Digitel reporter wanted to be the one to suffer drinking some free wine and food down in the large tasting tent on the opening day of the festival?

We drew lots, and Charlotte's name got plucked out of the bag, so we dispatched her along with Geoff in tow videoing her every move.

So watch the video, and maybe complement it with some reading about the Culinary Village and the festival in general.

You can go tomorrow for $55, or, if you're local, wait until Sunday when you can go for $35.