Our Debutante Ball was, well, incredible

Image by Geoff Marshall/TheDigitelImage by digitelball.jpg

If you noticed fewer updates to the site on Thursday, then you're a very observant reader and deserve a prize. But, relax, we're not slacking off, we were at the College of Charleston Green Fair and then headed off to throw our christening party for TheDigitel.com.

Photo galleryCheck out our photo gallery.If you missed the event, I'm trully sorry, it was a great time!

More than 200 -- maybe even more than 300 -- people turned out to not only sample our free beer and vegan doughnuts, but to meet TheDigitel staff and get to know a bit more about our Web site.

Thanks so much if you came, it was lovely to meet our readers and hear thoughts on the site and -- honestly -- how much you guys love the site.

And we're always working hard to make the site better and to find ways for you to get more involved with the control of your site.

Also, big thanks to Amber Sloan of Charleston's Most Unique (among other things), the Spaced Invaders for their awesome sound and light show which had heads turning as folks walked down King Street, and to Maren and Michael of Global Awakening for letting us use their store space. Though their store is now closed, they'll be opening an online store.

But, enough blathering. Watch the video at the top and check out our Flickr photo gallery.

We also set up up a time-lapse still camera to capture the whole event, but due to a tiny technical oversight, the whole evening did not come out!

But here's 5.30 to 6.30pm, squeezed into one minute!

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Time Lapse Video