Chronicling the growing tide of those who bike to work

Image by Charleston Bike/Walk Commute JournalImage by 20090503-bike.jpg Doug Edwards commutes 3-4 miles per day to his job at Charleston Bike Taxi.

Sure, it's not the rage it was when gas was $5 a gallon, but it seems there's still a growing tide of folks who bike to work each day.

Read more stories on this subject in our bike topic page.Well, those bikers could soon have a new focal point in the "Charleston Bike/Walk Commute Journal."

So far there's only about five entries, so be sure to submit your photo and story: jrw111 [at]

Hop on over.

Also, the timing of the new journal couldn't be better as Bike-to-Work Week runs from May 11 to 15 and Bike-to-Work Day is on Friday, May 15. -- If you happen to be of the female sex, The Charleston City Paper has some cycling tips for you.

Oh, and here's a PDF guide to Bike-to-Work Week.

Thanks to @chasinsideout (aka Kristin B. Walker) for digging this one up.

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