Reporter experiences the joys of a golf cart in downtown Charleston

Image by Flickr user Derek Purdy Image by 20081218-golf-cart.jpg Despite what you've heard, these bad boys are itching to hit your neighborhood streets.

The Post and Courier's Bryce Donovan has tackled the issues of golf carts on downtown Charleston's streets, only Donovan has done it his usual humor-prone way.

(I'm assuming everyone out there has seen the small, but supple numbers of golf carts roaming the historic district.)

A big thumbs up to the video and story.

Here's my favorite part of the story:
OK, so the first thing I actually noticed was that every motorist was staring at me. In an attempt to diminish this awkwardness, anytime I was stopped at a red light, I would say things like:

"I know what you're thinking. And, yeah, it's got a Hemi."

"Excuse me, do you know where the 16th tee is?"

"You know, getting a DUI isn't quite as bad as you might think."

"Good luck picking up chicks in THAT thing."

But, seriously, did the man just get paid to drive a golf cart through a car wash? I think he did.

So, go check out the video and the story, they'll brighten your Thursday morning.

And if you're itching for a more nuts-and-bolts story about golf carts in Charleston, The Post and Courier did a story back in May.

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