Sometimes it's about the space: New Eye Level Art spot opens

Image by Geoff Marshall/The DigitelImage by ela.jpg Check out more imagery from the night over on our Flickr page.

On Saturday, Eye Level Art christened downtown Charleston's newest art venue.

Read more stories on this subject in our Eye Level Art topic page.The new space is an unasumming cement block building that was last an auto repair shop. The large rectangular “gallery” space is formed on one side by the front facade of a home built in the late 1800s. And the backyard has been transformed into an oasis; there is going to be a graffiti wall and koi ponds formed in old “bait tanks” uncovered (if you’re looking at the photos below, those are the blue squares) under mounds of trash.

The owners see the space evolving "organically." With event ideas coming form Eye Level Art, event goers, and even some rentals of the space for third party events.

"Well this space happened all at once ... that it evolved into this fantasically organic space," said Adrienne Antonson of Eye Level Art. "We see it as a creative outlet for the community -- artists, performers, musicians, can now come to the gallery it's basically whatever you want it to be so that things never get old or stale. It will constantly be a reflection of what people of Charleston want to see."

It's great to see downtown gaining a more open forum for event gatherings, and being located on the border of Elliotborough and Cannonborough we think it's in a great place to draw from the upcoming community's vigor.

The space is at 103 Spring Street in downtown Charleston.

The next scheduled even for the space is a Portrait Slam on May 30.