A Bigger Battle: Third annual Battle of the Bands

Image by Geoff MarshallImage by battleofbands.jpg

On the same night that Biden and Palin had their own personal battle, Charleston's Music Farm had it's own showdown as Trident United Way's third annual Battle of the Bands contest took place.

"Professional people pickin' part time" said the slogan on the t-shirts, as twelve local bands fought it out for bragging rights to be the top dog in town.

Rocky Mountain Oysters, The Average Savage, Original Recipe, Gross Negligence, On The Hunt, Hundred Hands Down, Blue Moon Union, Hoekstra, Headrush, TWS & Friends, The Bandicoots and Henry's Attic each played a short set over the space of four hours, and the audience then got to vote for its favorite.

The purpose of it is to raise awareness in the professional community of Charleston, Berkely and Dorchester - the lowcountry area, and raise awareness for Trident United Way it's programs and its funded partners. Every band here tonight has not only volunteered to play, but to create a project with one of United Way's funded partners", said Co-Chairman, Scott Palmer.

The evening started at 6.30, and by 10.30 all twelve bands had played their short set. A quick respite came in the form of Beatles tribute band Help!, before the winner was announced. Play the video to find out who!

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