Fun at the Coastal Carolina Fair

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It's not too late to catch the fun at the Coastal Carolina Fair up in Ladson, which is still on until Saturday, November 8.

We sent out videographer Geoff Marshall to have a quick tour through through some of the rides and see what else is there.

Rides, rides, ridess aplenty -- If stomach churners is your thing, then you're not going to be disappointed. But don't panic, not ALL the rides are like that ... and there's no shame in an adult going on a kiddie ride, right?

The usual array of wacky sideshows are there: The world's smallest woman (all 29 inches tall of her), and the horse that's smaller than a dog ... but all these extras are a dollar each, on top of your eight dollar entrance fee, plus whatever you pay to go on the rides.

The sideshow games also have a way of luring you in, a five dollar game suddenly gives you 'free bonus' tries to win a bigger prize, and when you win it, you discover that you have to (if you want it) pay for all those 'free' turns you just had.

But you've just gotta love the atmospher of the fair, heck, you could just spent a good couple of hours just people watching and taking in the the culture.

Oh, and don't forget the daily fireworks show too, around 9 p.m. each night. There's live music too, and on Saturday night there is a grand finale.

Check out the video for more on the fair, and check out our preview of the fair for lots more info on when, where, and what.

Update November 11: Charleston City Paper also went a did their own video of the fair, but, you know, we like our more. Go check it out.

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