Pinback and Kylesa do stunning performance at the music farm

Image by Andi ErrolImage by 20080926pinback.jpg

San Diego's own Pinback rolled into Charleston on Wednesday, September 24, to headline at the Music Farm, as they headed up North on the Eastern leg of their Fall tour. The head bangin' group Kylesa, from Savannah opened -- stunning the crowd with their synchronized drummer duo and their trailer-trash chic singer/guitarist, Laura Pleasants. While Kylesa's music was a little heavy on the vibrating eardrums, Pinback brought everyone back to their own senses, tooting tunes from over a decade of music making. The result? The Music Farm was packed with dancing fools.

The special treat? For their last song, Pinback whipped out "June" from their "Some Voices" EP, inviting the ecstatic audience on stage! What would complete any Pinback fan's wetdream other than singing With Mr. Rob Crow himself. The best schwag on the merch table: Pinback presents The Rob and Zach Show ascii E.P. Signed, of course. Hot!

Want to know more about the band? The Charleston City Paper did a pretty good preview of the show.

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