Behind a school's football game: The marching band

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You've often gone to a Friday night High School game to watch the football, right?

But yet you've probably never taken much thought to all the other parts that make up a Friday night: The ticket sellers, concessions stand, the cheerleaders ... and something that caught TheDigitel's eye -- all the work that goes into the marching band.

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For three nights a week the marching band start their practice back in July -- before the football season began -- lining up to be put through their paces three evenings a week after school.

Dr. Gretchen Bowles, at Hanahan High School (Home of the Hawks), is the band director, and talks passionately about clearly what is a big love of her life.

"We've got almost fifty children at the moment, which is not bad for the size of our school -- although ideally I'd like to have about 80," said Bowles.

The band has already won a couple of competitions this season, and are scheduled to take part in more.

Watch the video to learn more about this school's efforts.

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