Solar particles could be more disruptive than excessive UV rays

photo by flickr user blueforce4116

Solar particles were anticipated to hit the earth at an approximate rate of 4 million miles per hour early this morning, causing possible disruption in utility grids, airline flights, satellite networks, and GPS services. 

These particles are the result of a large sun storm, a normal part of the sun's 11-year cycle.  The difference this time around, of course, is the increased level of sophistication in our technology.  The good news is that if you're not sitting in the dark, driving endlessly as your GPS reconfigures, or cursing at your phone over dropped calls (unless you're in that dead zone on Carolina Forest Blvd), you probably made it through without an issue.

For more information on this sun storm, the one right behind it, and specifics about the the affects we could feel, check out this press release featured in The Sun News and an update here.

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