Hurricane evacuation routes will change, so stay tuned

photo by flickr user Jo Naylor

Hurricane evacuation plans and routes have traditionally been based on storm categories and strength.  A new computer model being used by county officials better predicts storm surge will determine changes affecting inland areas prone to flooding. 

As reported by WMBF, a hurricane study currently being conducted in Myrtle Beach by FEMA the Army Corp of Engineers will affect the plans and routes, but oddly, it's reported that the time it will take to evacuate Horry county will increase.   

The moral of the story here is to stay tuned.  Areas that were never affected by evacuation orders may now be included and routes can change.  Couple that with the predicted increase in time it may take to leave the area in the event of a hurricane, it will be more important than ever to really pay attention to the where, when, and how details of an evacuation.  As more details become available, we'll be certain to pass them along to you.

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