Hurricane Katia likely to spin off into northern Atlantic; Another system brews

A satellite image shows Hurricane Katia (right), Tropical Depression 13 (left) and another (top).

South Carolina recently dodged the effects of Hurricane Irene, got some always useful sprinkles from Tropical Storm Lee's debris, and now SC residents have more good news. 

The once threatening big Hurricane Katia looks likely to curve off safely into the northern Atlantic. 

The National Weather Service writes that, "Models show Katia being steered around the southwest side of a mid-level ridge east of Bermuda and toward a into a weakness over the western Atlantic during the next couple of days, Katia should turn northward. The hurricane should then accelerate northeastward and then east-northeastward."

However, if you're headed to the beach be cautious as Katia's ocean swells have greatly increased the rip current risks. 

And, as always during hurricane season, don't put your guard down just yet, it looks like another tropical system is due to develop from the winds coming off Africa


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