This West Ashley Man Creates Unbelievable Art Out of Scrap Metal

This weekend at SEWE there were numerous artists of all sorts that descended upon Marion Square to show off their work. None of their work, however, was as unique as John D. Donehue Jr.'s work. John, a Lowcountry resident (West Ashley) has been making art sculptures full time for 7 years and was proud to be one of the outdoor vendors at this weekend's events. 

Located right near the outskirts of the animal exhibitions, John brought his metal shrimp, redfish, crabs, and palmetto trees out for display all weekend. His art is inspired by various animals and ideas, but as you can see there is a strong Charleston feel to many of his pieces. 

I became an immediate fan and will soon be a customer of John's. He has current items for sale and his creates custom pieces upon request. His home office is located in West Ashley and he accepts visitors if you would like to see him work (contact him here) or drop off some scrap metal. He uses all sorts of recycled and scrap metal for his art so everything his makes is unique.

Check out John's work at or to contract a piece through him and support a unique, local artist!