What does it take to be great?

Some people think greatness is has a lot to do with luck. But the more we show up, the luckier we get. What does it take to be great? 

Seth Godin is a person of great influence on me. He has written a dozen best-selling books, is known as a thought leader in today's marketplace, and he blogs every single day.

One of Seth's "platforms" (I hate that word) is that showing up is underrated. I have heard him say that multiple times in blog posts, podcasts, and in books. Seth has been writing his on his blog for over 10 years. Every day.

Think about that consistency and that commitment for a minute: 10 Years. What have you done consistently for the past 10 years?

He attributes part of his success to his unwavering commitment to showing up every day. I cannot argue with him. I found it extremely difficult to write 100 blog posts over the course of 4 months. But I didn't just show up and voila I was able to write. I had to work hard to get those words out.

Although I'm far from great, I have some ideas on how we achieve greatness over the long-term inspired by Mr. Godin.

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