Drew Brophy mural project at Lulu's Cafe three day video (Update: All done!)


Update September 17, 2012: "A Day At The Beach" is now complete. 

Drew Brophy's 13+ day mural at Lulu's Cafe is finished and looks awesome! 

Additionally, WBTW News Channel 13 has a great piece of Drew and his family where they talk about traveling the country doing art and surfing,

"I just wanted to see the world and see those exotic places that I saw in surfer magazine, and my art was good enough to get me there,"

Drew Brophy, via WBTW

Read their write-up and watch the broadcast here

Wanna see a bigger version of the photo above? Click on through to our Facebook page and take a look.


Update September 12, 2012: Maria Brophy, Drew's wife and manager has updated his blog with some insight and a little play-by-play of the first six days of his Lulu's Cafe mural adventure.

via DrewBrophy.com

Misty (Lulu's owner) and Drew decided upon a theme of “A day at the Beach” where the mural would depict the elements that make Myrtle Beach special.  Everything in the sketch is meaningful to this area, right down to the turtles and the banner plane.

and goes on to say,

We started this project by ordering 404 cans of Mtn 94 Spray paint, in over 60 different colors!

Drew prefers Montana Mtn 94 spray paint because it dries fast, holds up great in weather and the colors are vibrant and bright, much like the Uni Poscas that he likes to paint surfboards with.

In total the paint weighed 400 lbs and was shipped all the way from San Fransisco. The blog post goes into each day's accomplishments and some challenges. 

Give it a read here

Drew is still working away on the mural and doing detail work all this week, according to his Tweet from last night he'll be "breaking out the airbrush" today. 

First Report: This weekend might be it folks, the last weekend you can check out Myrtle Beach native and current west coast surf artist extraordinaire Drew Brophy putting the finishing touches on his epic mural at Lulu's Cafe. 

We've had a blast venturing down to Lulu's Cafe on a nearly daily basis checking on the progress (and having lunch, of course). 

The below video was filmed over three days of Drew's work on the mural. We posted a short version of the video last week (which you can see here along with some photos).

Since our last report, WPDE News Channel 15 and Grand Strand Sports Report also checked out Drew's work and have a nice pieces here and here respectfully. 

So make sure to head out to Lulu's Cafe this weekend to take a peek at Drew in action, also at Lulu's Saturday is their Handmade Market which we wrote about here