Professor of art at CCU wins $50K in art competition

via Carolina Live:

A professor of art at Coastal Carolina University won the top prize at Lake City's Artfields competition.

James Arendt is the director of the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery at CCU.

About Arendt via ArtFieldsSC

"Jim Arendt, Director of the Rebecca Randall Bryan Gallery, is an artist whose work explores the shifting paradigms of labor and place through narrative figure painting, drawing, prints, fabric and sculpture. Influenced by the radical reshaping of the rural and industrial landscapes he grew up in, he investigates how individual lives are affected by transitions in economic structures [...] He has taught numerous courses in design theory, color, drawing, illustration, anatomy, animation, graphic design, printmaking and, from time to time, leads demonstrations in less well-known forms of image making such as letterpress and encaustic painting..."


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