Inside the Lab: DomeCandy (video)


Last week I had the opportunity to spend a build day with Seth “Mr. Spark” Alcorace, and Bobby “Dr. XactO” Williams, the brains behind the North Myrtle Beach-based electronics company DomeCandy. 

For those still not 'in the know,' DomeCandy goal is simple - to recycle and revitalize vintage suitcases and old speakers into unique boomboxes.

The duo's love of music is evident while in the shop. An eclectic rock mix of tunes from Pandora fill the air while they work, but when it's RockBox testing time for each DomeCandy box, they normally go for hip hop. 

The video and photos share a slice of their day, a five-hour build process from start to finish; laying out the speaker formation on the box, measuring, marking, cutting, soldering, wiring, drilling, and mounting to, finally, that first bit of sound coming from vintage 1977 speakers. 

For more information on DomeCandy, including how you can get your own RockBox, hop on over to Facebook or visit their website

And don't forget to join the guys of DomeCandy this weekend at The Boathouse for a charitable bash that raises money for the local chapter of the Surfrider Foundation. More on the party can be found here.