Homebrewer's Pantry in Conway Opening this Friday

Calling all homebrewers! Tired of driving all around the state to get supplies for your tasty home made brew? Well your're in luck, Homebrewer's Pantry is opening this Friday, March 14th.

Besides Grains, Hops, Yeast and Equipment, Homebrewer's Pantry also offers home wine making kits, Whole Bean Coffee & Loose Leaf Teas, and Classes, Demonstrations and Consultations for all of your brewing needs. Pantry will also be selling crafts from local artisans -like our Groovy Green Glass pals

Homebrewer's Pantry is owned by Thomas and Melissa Lucas and the couple has taken to KickStarter for a little help in making their dream just that much better for their future customers.

via KickStarter:

We have been planning this for so long, that it's hard to believe that it's literally our "dream come true." The amount of support we've received just since making the store public knowledge in the beginning of January has been far beyond anything we could have hoped for, and we hope that support continues during this campaign.  So many people have come to us thanking us for opening the store, and for giving this "hobby" of theirs a home. We want to make it everything they, and we, are hoping for, and so much more.

When you contribute to our project, not only will you earn fantastic rewards, you'll help to turn our store into something that every homebrewer will enjoy.  We will use the funds from our project to increase our inventory, back more homebrew competitions, provide more classes and expand our ability to do beer and wine tastings.  It is our goal to create a space where we can be successful and earn an income doing the things we're passionate about, while at the same time, providing a  place to teach and learn about the craft, and a place for homebrewers to hang out, share ideas, and taste each other’s finished product.

Check out their KickStarter and watch the video above. 

You can find more info about Homebrewer's Pantry over at their website and 'like' them on Facebook.

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