Cool Jobs 2: Above it All

There are people on the Grand Strand who are above it all.


No, we are not talking about snobs or elitists. We are talking about folks lucky enough to have jobs that are head-and-shoulders above the rest.

For this, our second installment of Working 4 a Living: Cool Jobs, The Surge got to know three remarkable individuals who make it their business to reach new heights every day – whether it be flying passengers up and down the coast in a helicopter, jumping out of planes and teaching others to do the same, or entertaining visitors from a lofty perch on stilts.

Some of us are wired to seek the thrill of adventure, and a select few are fortunate enough to go all-in with this and make a living at it.

But there is more to this equation: All three of these people are actively engaged in bringing joy to others by way of an unparalleled view, an adrenaline rush or even a balloon animal or a joke handed down from on high – making memories.

There are so many personalities with so many compelling stories right here in our little chunk of paradise – and The Surge’s Working 4 a Living feature has long been on a mission to seek them out and share them with you. What’s your story?