Local developer helps create out of this world iPad game

Local Myrtle Beach developer Paul Reynolds teamed up with west coast friends, Graeme Devine and Spencer Lindsay for a space race game called Rocket Patrol

Rocket Patrol is a modern take on a classic card game that is now available for the iPad. In Rocket Patrol you pilot a 1950's style, retro rocket ship with the goal of beating your opponent to your destination. According to Toucharcade.com, the game is, " a descendant of the classic card gamesTouring (1906) and the French-designed Mille Bornes(1954)" but of course the space theme is a all new, as is some of the game play. On GRLgames' YouTube page, they describe the game thusly:

We wanted to make more a retro game that played like the card games we played growing up rather than some of these huge statistical based card games we're seeing nowadays. Basically a game we could understand and have fun playing.

This isn't the first time Reynolds and Lindsay have teamed up, they have done three very cool interactive exhibits for the Monterey Bay Aquarium and the hit game 2-BIT BUB, a movie tie-in for the animated film ParaNorman. And Devine is no stranger to awesome. His name is pretty familiar with gamers and he has worked on tons of great titles, including, Quake III Arena and Halo Wars. Additionally, Devine was hired by Apple in 2009 and was "in charge of making sure that Apple's iOS devices play games well." He now runs his own iOS game development company called GRLgames.

Read a great review of the game over at TouchArcade.com, and download Rocket Patrol (for free) here

*full disclosure, Paul Reynolds is one of the co-founders of TheDigitel Myrtle Beach*