Ants Come Marching Into Ripley’s Aquarium

Brand New and SWARMING to this unique exhibit beginning this week are 1000s of Leaf-Cutter Ants! From South and Central America, Mexico and parts of the southern United States, Leaf Cutter Ants are a unique species of tropical, fungus growing ants. Almost every land mass on earth have been colonized by ants! Come see them in action at Ripley’s Aquarium! Here for a limited time only.    

Ripley’s Aquarium has recently opened “SWARM™,” a brand-new, hands-on, highly interactive exhibit.  Featuring 24 interactive displays with 10 new animals and more! 1000s have already stood in the middle of our schooling fish exhibit; felt the interactive “Doctor fish” on their hands, taken a photo with the Halloween crabs, American eels, Blubber Jellyfish and much more! 

Come discover and unlock the mysteries of how and why thousands of animals dynamically coordinate their actions into a single, overwhelming force to create “super-organisms” in the SWARM™ exhibit. Ripley's Aquarium showcases the exciting world of swarms, and as Aquarium visitors will learn, humans are not the only creatures that swarm together!

SWARM™ is located in a special area inside Ripley’s Aquarium and this exciting exhibit is included in the regular price of admission for all Aquarium guests, all conveniently located at Broadway at the Beach. We’re open 365 days a year. Come have fun with us!