Fully Automatic Machine Guns for Rent in Myrtle Beach!!

My dream finally came true one afternoon in conway sc. I was finally able to fire a fully automatic machine gun. You can join in on the fun at the gun store in conway sc. They are not too far from myrtle beach and they have an indoor shooting range. They have all types of guns for sale and for rent along with handguns, machine guns, guns with silencers and just about anything your hearts desire. I had a great time firing off a H&k mp5 at the gun store and I plan to go back soon to fire the fully automatic tommy gangster gun, and the assualt rifle. I am not affiliated with the gun store in conway I am just very excited that I was able to fire a fully automatic weapon. It was so fun that I wanted to tell everyone else about it and show you my video of me shooting a fully automatic mp5 at the gunstore. It may seem like an expensive activity for $50 for a few minutes of fun but I feel that it was a bargain as it included 2 clips of ammo, 1 target, safety glasses, hearing protection, and time on the indoor shooting range. The ammo itself could have cost me at least 25 dollars, and they also allow you to purchase additional clips for 15 dollars each. Im told that this is the only range of its kind in the area because it has a state of the art HEPA air filtration systems to reduce the smell of gunpowder and smoke in the air.The indoor range is rated for high caliber rifles as well as smaller caliber weapons.

I have placed the link down below for you to check it out a few other links that you may find usefull and or interesting. If you go to the Gun Store or T-rex Computers tell them that j0vian sent you and they may give you a 10% Discount


Indoor Shooting range, full auto and semi auto gun rentals

The Gun store, 3594 Hwy 701 south, Conway sc, Monday-sat 9am-8pm, 843-397-4867, www.scgunstore.com


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T-rex Computers, 3901 n kings hwy ste 20 B, myrtle beach, M-F 10-6, Sat 10-1, 843-626-5235, www.t-rexcomputers.com


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