Group of concerned residents organize ‘grassroots’ overnight emergency shelter for homeless as temperatures drop

When William Henry Jr. froze to death in an abandoned building earlier this month, a group of people who have known him for the past three years through their work helping the homeless said they needed to act.

George Lorenz said there are people who are homeless that aren’t able to stay at the shelters available for one reason or another. Those people need help as well, he said, especially when it’s cold outside.

“Several of the homeless people here died because of hypothermia over the years,” Lorenz said. “We had to do something to give these people a chance to combat the weather.”

Lorenz is one of a group of about eight people who have worked to help homeless people in Myrtle Beach for the past three years. Each Saturday they transport homeless people from Chapin Park in Myrtle Beach to Sun Coast Christian Church for lunch.