Horry County police investigate Longs man’s disappearance

Horry County police are searching for information about a Longs man who was last seen and heard from on Jan. 19, three days before his car was found in Tabor City, N.C., Lt. Raul Denis said Thursday.

Danny Atkins, 63, was last seen and heard from on Jan. 19 by a family member, according to an Horry County police report. Atkins lives alone and has no other family in the area.

Atkins’ brother called police to search for him and told officers that he usually talks to Atkins daily, according to the report. Police checked Atkins home, but there was no sign of him and neighbors reported they had not seen him since Jan. 19.

Officers checked with local hospitals because Atkins suffers from health issues that may cause him to be disoriented, but he was not located, Denis said.