Litchfield real estate, vacation rental companies merge

Two companies that split 25 years ago are getting back together.

The Litchfield Co. Real Estate and Litchfield Beach and Golf Resort have merged aiming to recreate the synergy and marketing power they had before Litchfield Beach and Golf was sold to Myrtle Beach National Co. in December 1990, officials announced Friday. When they split, Litchfield Real Estate took the real estate sales and development while Beach and Golf Resort handled vacation rental marketing and management.

The newly combined company will be known as The Litchfield Co. and handle real estate sales, marketing, on-site vacation rentals, long-term rentals and real estate development. That will make it easier for clients, because they can buy property then put it in a rental program through the same company instead of having to deal with two agencies, officials said. The company will operate out of The Litchfield Co.’s current office at the entrance gate to Litchfield by the Sea.




This merging should reflect

This merging should reflect in the level of satisfaction the tourist have when renting through these companies. There are some reviews on Singer Island rentals and many more can be found in other popular places as well, the real estate is important for an area where tourism needs to be encouraged. Every real estate move and strategy will have direct effects on the tourists themselves.