Neighborhood services division aims to improve quality of life for Myrtle Beach residents

Myrtle Beach will soon take a more streamlined approach to dealing with resident issues after City Council earlier this year put a renewed emphasis on improving the quality of life for city residents.

Myrtle Beach officials created a neighborhood services division made of a three-person group that will work with representatives from city departments to resolve residents’ issues. The group will focus on what have been identified as “challenging communities,” including Booker T. Washington, Harlem, Ramsey Acres and Withers Swash neighborhoods.

“The purpose is to bridge the gap between the city and the residents,” said neighborhood services staff member Tim McCray. “For years there’s been a focus on crime through neighborhood watches, but this is for quality of life issues ... if there needs to be tree trimming or there’s a pot hole or light out in the neighborhood.”



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