Freestyle Music Park could become Christian Education Center

Abiding Village, a non-profit affiliated with the mega Christ United Methodist Church, is taking steps towards its vision of a Christian Education Center for the benefit of children, businesses, and the community, and reaching out for donations to help them purchase the property and buildings on the site of the Freestyle Music Park. 

They produced a 12+ minute video (featured below) detailing the plan, which has three phases. The first is an Urban Arts Center, which has been in operation for several years already. The second is an Entrepreneurial Development Center, which is launching shortly. The last is a large Christian Education Center and was slated for execution more than ten years from now. The opportunity to purchase the Freestyle Music Park facility bumps that up considerably. You can read more in this Waccamaw Publishers article.

If you're interested in keeping up with the latest from Abiding Village, check them out on Facebook. If you're interested in donating anything from $10 to $10 million, you can learn more here