Myrtle Beach Sports Center On Schedule For February Completion

Construction of the new Myrtle Beach Sports Center remains on schedule, with completion still expected on Feb. 24, 2015. 

John McDonald, general manager for the sports center, said hopes are to have the building enclosed by early fall.

The indoor tournament facility is being built adjacent to the existing Myrtle Beach Convention Center.  When complete, it will include hardwood floors for eight full-sized basketball courts or 16 volleyball courts and can be configured for a variety of other indoor sports. 

For visiting teams and players, the Myrtle Beach Sports Center also will feature a café and retail area, an entertainment zone and a 1,500-seat telescopic bleacher system.

McDonald said bookings for the new facility have been going very well so far.

In its first year, the indoor sports complex is projected to generate $6.9 million in direct visitor spending.   By its fifth year, that number is expected to reach $28.4 million annually.  Two-thirds of the additional visitor revenue will occur outside of the peak summer tourism season.

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